Sleepy Jack Android Game App

Some people play game apps just to occupy some of their free time. Most, in such cases, would not want to engage in complicated and complex games to play with. This is where casual games come in like the Sleepy Jack Android game app.

Sleepy Jack Android game app is a casual game aimed for those people who would just like to occupy some of their time by engaging in some fun and exciting game. Sleepy Jack is a fairly simple game in that players take on the character of Jack who is wandering through some trippy dream sequences as the setting for the game. Jack flies through a dream world where he starts collecting toys and breaks through obstacles as well as battle spaceships, alien creatures and big bosses.

Sleepy Jack is a fun as well as challenging game that can give players one way to enjoy some of their free time. This 3D flying game app comes with 40 levels of play and tons of replay value. The game supports almost all Android phones and tablets. It is available at Google Play for US$ 5 download.

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