The Hands Free Toilet Seat

Finally, devices used for personal hygiene are getting their share of tech upgrades. Such devices, especially those that are found in the toilet, usually are left behind in terms of tech upgrades. Devices such as the Hands Free Toilet Seat show that this may not be the case.

The Hands Free Toilet Seat makes it more convenient as well as more sanitary for people using the toilet. It makes a hands free operation of the toilet seat that was otherwise not available in other older toilet seats. It comes with a sensor that automatically lifts up the toilet seat lid whenever a user steps in front of it. After use, the toilet seat lid automatically closes down within 30 seconds. It can also work for both female and male use. Males only need to hold their hands in midair above the sensor zone and the toilet seat also lifts up.

The Hands Free Toilet Seat sensor can easily be adjusted as well as easily attached to existing toilets. It also comes with anti-bacterial properties using Silver Technology to provide sanitary benefits as well. The Hands Free Toilet Seat is available at First Street for around US$ 200.

Image Source: First Street
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